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Did you just say 'Thang'...?
— Abigail responding to Nick

Abigail Blyg is one of the nine main protagonists and a playable character in The Quarry. She is one of the nine counselors at Hackett's Quarry summer camp. She was voiced and motion captured by Ariel Winter.


Main Outfit[]

Abigail is a young woman with a modest appearance. She has a white complexion, brown eyes, and shoulder-length wavy hair. Her hair is naturally black and slowly turns to red. She also has a tattoo of flowers on her right wrist.

Reflecting her artistic nature, Abigail wears a black T-shirt with white cuffed sleeves and a neckline decorated with a complex graphic of a moth alongside astrological symbols. Around her torn denim shorts, she wears a belt with the words "FIFTY-NINE 59", as well as having black stockings and black creeper shoes. Abigail wears multiple accessories, including a small necklace, rings and bracelets.

80s Outfit[]

In her 80's outfit, Abigail continues to express her artistry, but in a metal style. She's now wearing a black ripped crop top with a print in "guns n' roses' style. Another noticeable piece of clothing is a pair of plaid pants with left and right sides colored yellow and red respectively, which are also tied with two studded leather belts. Creeper shoes are replaced with lace-up boots. While Abigail continues to wear some of her accessories, her necklace is replaced by multiple beaded necklaces of different sizes.

50s Outfit[]

Abigail's 50s outfit, compared to her other designs, looks minimalist, but still retains its creativity. She wears a rich orange turtle-necked sweater, high-waisted black and white plaid pants, and black shiny shoes.

Appearance Evolution[]

Abigail is always seen with a small black leather backpack with bat wings. In Chapter 5, however, she forgets it in the kitchen, where it lies for the rest of the game. If Abi found the stuffed rabbit in Chapter 1, she will put the toy in the backpack and can later be used by Kaitlyn in a fight against werewolf Caleb.

During the first werewolf attack, Abigail can be bitten in the neck on her way back to camp to get help for Nick. However, her wound later heals. Should Abi survive her encounter with werewolf Nick, she will be covered in blood after his transformation. Later, she gives one of her silver bracelets to Laura, which is used to make a shell for killing werewolves.


Abigail is so deeply buried in her sketchbook that she can't see how well her artistic skills and kind disposition are appreciated by her peers. Socially awkward but sweet and sincere, she's dying to find some romance before the summer is out.
— The Quarry website

Abigail is described in-game as Shy. Artistic. Indecisive.

Abigail is introverted and has difficulty socializing, which lead those close around her to advise her to work on it by working as a counselor. She is indecisive as seen during the Truth or Dare game or when teased by an infected Emma. Abigail is reluctant to break rules. She is kind-hearted, innocent and sensible, thus can easily feel guilty if she feels she had done something wrong or if others points out her misdoings, like accidentally killing a squirrel or abandoning Nick, and the latter blames her for this. She seems to lack courage as she didn't act on her crush on Nick.

Her artistic mind makes her quickly forget the world around her, as she ignores Nick if he acts playful in order to draw the sunset. Despite her shyness, Abigail seems to be a good art teacher as Nick remarks the children listen to her during her classes.

The official website describes her as socially awkward but sweet and sincere, she seems to be interested in finding a date while she still has time during the summer. Her awkward nature may lead to her being seen as weird or shy around people more sociable than her but others might find it more endearing.

The Quarry[]

Prior to The Quarry[]

During the summer of 2021, Abigail Blyg, at the insistence of people in her life telling her that it would help her interact with people better, and that she would make "friends for life", decided to apply to become a counselor at Hackett's Quarry summer camp in Upstate New York. Abi was hired and was brought on as the camp's Art Tutor.

June 25, 2021[]

Arriving at the camp sometime that day Abi along with her fellow counselors attended orientation unaware of what happened the night prior to their fellow counselors Laura Kearney, and Max Brinly. During orientation Abi became interested in fellow counselor Nicholas Furcillo (Nick). Though when she approached him and said hello, Nick barley acknowledged her, leading Abi to see Nick as kind of a dick. This lack of acknowledgement can be brought up later in the summer when Nick completely forgets that he had met Abi on the first day of camp, and instead thinks the first time they met was on the second or third day during an activity with their respective cabins.

June 26-27, 2021[]

During the second or third day of camp Abi and Nick are both assigned to take their respective cabins down to the island ropes course. This is where Abi meets Nick a second time while Nick thinks it's their first. During the activity one of the campers has a "little accident" on the course. Nick takes the embarrassed camper to get cleaned up before anyone else notices, unaware that Abi had noticed him doing so. Seeing him helping and not teasing the camper unlike something Jacob, or Emma would do, as she comes to learn during the summer, solidified the idea that Abi had on wanting to kiss Nick.

Possible Deaths[]

Possible Deaths
Chapter Mechanism of Kill Caused By Conditions
6 Head ripped off Nick (werewolf) Abigail does not shoot Nick.
8 Throat ripped out Emma (werewolf) Chapter 4 - Emma was infected.

Chapter 8 - Kaitlyn fails to shoot Werewolf Emma on time.

9 Mauled Chapter 6 - Emma was infected.

Chapter 9 - Abigail chooses the ladder and fails QTEs to climb the ladder.

Face devoured Chapter 6 - Emma was infected.

Chapter 9 - Abigail chooses the stairs.

Possible Infection[]

Possible Infection
Chapter Type Caused By Conditions Transformation Cure
3 Neck Bite Kaylee (werewolf) Abigail does not make a choice to run or hide OR Abigail climbs the tree and fails QTEs OR Abigail fails to hold her breath. Cannot transform into a werewolf. Laura shoots Kaylee (unavoidable).



Nick and Abigail both have crushes each other at the beginning of the game, but are too shy to make any move. However, Nick soon is given the perfect opportunity to try to show his feelings to Abigail as they gather kindling. However, during Truth or Dare, Nick is made to kiss Emma because of her dare which makes Abigail head back to the woods angrily. When Nick goes after her they talk in the woods and end up having the chance to kiss.

Their relationship is tested by the night, with Abigail possibly leaving him for dead which he can furiously remind her of later. As his infection progresses, he begins to become extremely possessive of her. When Abigail tries to comfort him in the pool house he tells her that the only reason he got with her is because she was so pitiful to him. Despite this Abigail still worries for Nick's safety after he transforms.


Emma is Abigail's best friend who she cherishes deeply. She shows this by letting her guard down around her and admitting that her confidence isn't really true, but rather acting. She will express sadness upon thinking about how she won't be seeing Abigail again as the summer camp is ending. She shows her humorous side to Abigail by teasing her for having a crush on a fellow counselor, Nick.

Later on, Emma and Abigail can meet in the lodge's storm shelter. The two will once again talk about how confident and calm Emma is, with Emma revealing to her she doesn't like seeing others upset. If Emma is infected she will get annoyed with Abigail due to her general indecisiveness, spurred by Abigail being hesitant about going up the ladder.

Werewolf Emma shows no mercy when killing Abi in Chapter 8 or Chapter 9, violently ripping her throat out, or mauling her to death.

Killed Victims[]

Killed Victims
Chapter Victim Mechanism of kill Conditions
1 A squirrel (Mercy Kill) Squashed by a rock Abigail returns to camp instead of taking the scenic route; Abigail fails the QTE to dodge the squirrel; Abigail chooses to kill it.
8 Emma (Werewolf, Indirect) Shot with a silver bullet Chapter 4 - Emma is infected.

Chapter 8 - Kaitlyn shoots Emma with Abigail's silver bullet.

10 Caleb (Werewolf, Indirect) Shot with a silver bullet Chapter 9 - Abigail finds silver bullets in the basement.

Chapter 10 - Kaitlyn investigates the noise Abigail's making and receives Abigail's silver bullet; Kaitlyn shoots Caleb.


  • Abigail is playable in 4 chapters (1,3,6,9).
  • Abigail is the third least playable protagonist.
  • Blyg is Swedish for "shy."
  • If Abigail is infected, she never transforms into a werewolf, yet shows super strength after pushing Bobby when he grabs her. The werewolf who bites her wears a tattered sleeveless top, unlike Caleb and Silas who are both topless. This werewolf is never seen again, making Abigail's only possible attacker Kaylee. As Kaylee was soon killed by Laura, Abigail is always cured. However, Abigail's eyes and skin do not change like Nick's do despite both of them being infected at the same time, which may be an error. This was later patched in the July 7, 2022 update.
  • Abigail, Jacob, Emma, and Laura are the only protagonists who can be decapitated.
    • Their deaths via their heads being torn off is similar to some of Chris and Ashley's possible deaths in Until Dawn.
  • Abigail’s survival is guaranteed if she shoots a transforming Nick and Emma avoids infection in Chapters 4 and 6.
    • If Emma is killed in Chapter 4 and Abi shoots Nick in Chapter 6, then her survival is similarly guaranteed.


Nick: You ran away.
Abigail: What?
Nick: It jumped on me and you ran away. You just left me there.
Abigail: Nick, I- I- I- I- I didn't know what to do, I mean- I though-
Nick: What? You'd rather just save yourself, huh?
Abigail: I- No- No! I- I- I-
— Abigail and Nick, if Abigail abandoned Nick when he was attacked by the werewolf and Nick acts bitter about it
Nick: "You did want it to happen though?"
Abigail: "Um- I-"
Nick: "You can tell me."
Abigail: "Yeah... I guess."
— Abigail and Nick, if the latter acts intrigued.
Abigail: "'You should be a counselor at summer camp Abi. You'll learn how to interact with people better and you'll have loads of fun and make friends for life.' So sick of people telling me..."
— Abigail, talking to herself if she's alone in the Storm Shelter

Abigail: It's really very pretty out there when there's no kids around.
Nick: They can get kinda obnoxious, huh?
Abigail: Yeah.
Nick: They always seem to listen to you during painting class.
Abigail: You've seen my class?
Nick: Just walking by...
— Abigail and Nick,
Emma: "I hope Abi's okay. She ran off earlier. If you didn't see it, I, kinda sorta made out with Nick- But it was a dare! I'm not like a bitch or anything. Oh, and for context: Abi likes Nick. Well, actually, they like each other. In truth, I just wanted to fan the flames a little. Watching the stumble around each other like drunk jellyfish was exhausting! Poor kid was like a deer in headlights. It's cool though, they're smart, they'll get it. I bet they're out there in the woods right now just absolutely going for it."
— Emma recording herself if she took the left path and acts compassionate
Emma: "Oh, you think so? Does it? Does it sorta?"
Abigail: "Excuse me?"
Emma: "'Excuse me'..."
Abigail: "Um..."
Emma: "Ugh! Have you ever, like, made a firm decision about anything. Ever?"
— Abigail and Emma in the Storm Shelter, if the latter is infected
Emma: "Hey, um... Where's... Abi?/ I just can't believe Nick would... I can't believe any of this. She can't be gone. She can't. How did this all get so fucked up!?"
— Emma talking to Dylan about Abi's death.



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