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"Them's the rules, ya noob"
— Chris speaking to Dylan

Christopher "Chris" Hackett is a supporting character and a secondary antagonist as a werewolf in The Quarry. He is the owner of Hackett's Quarry summer camp. He was voiced and motion captured by David Arquette.


Chris is a middle aged man with short brown-grey hair. He is seen wearing a buttoned shirt and matching shorts, paired with hiking shoes. He also wears a number of badges above his breast-pocket, including a name badge labelled "C.Hackett".


As the friendly owner, operator, and all-around father figure of Hackett's Quarry summer camp, Chris is devoted to making sure his campers surrender their cell phones and enjoy the wonders of nature.
— The Quarry website

Chris acts as a father figure to the young counselors, especially Ryan. He is seen giving Ryan advice about his future, indulging the counselors in their jokes, and returning these just as easily, as seen when he calls Dylan a "noob" for forgetting to charge his phone. Dylan has questions about Mr. Hackett's true nature, suggesting pedophila when he discovers a room full of monitors. This is dismissed by Ryan, who points out the monitors are all of the camp hiking trails and not the campers' cabins, suggesting that it is a way to check the forest in case of lost children. However, a darker side is revealed as it becomes clear that they are unable to leave before nightfall due to the counselors' vehicle breaking down, causing him to fly into a sudden, uncharacteristic rage that shocks them all.

However, his paternal nature and leadership role quickly overrides his rage, and Chris puts an abrupt stop to his tirade. The mood of the counselors then returns to normal, likely feeling that was a momentary angry outburst as a damaged vehicle often means expensive repairs. Chris demands that everyone stay in the lodge for the night while he heads off for a way to get help in the morning. In actuality, he had been isolating himself in the Hackett manor to protect everyone from the dangers of himself, who was due to transform into a werewolf.

The Quarry[]

Possible Death[]

Possible Deaths
Chapter Cause of Death Caused By Conditions
9 Shot with a Silver bullet Ryan Ryan shoots Chris

Killed Victims[]

Killed Victims (Werewolf)
Chapter Victim Mechanism of Kill Condition(s):
9 Bobby Throat ripped out Ryan did not pull knife out and used it to stab Bobby.
Constance Throat ripped out Same condition; Laura failed QTE during struggle against Constance.
Jedediah Face bashed in Same condition; Laura spared Jedediah.
Ryan Face bashed in with shotgun Ryan fails to shoot Chris OR Ryan shoots werewolf Laura.
10 Jacob Decapitated Chris was spared, Jacob fails to choose to run or hide.
Throat crushed Same condition; Jacob fails to run.
Same condition; Jacob fails to hide.
Torn in half and devoured Same condition; Jacob fails to dodge the snare trap.



Ryan is Chris' favourite counselor. The two seem close and Chris seems to have given Ryan some life advice and support on multiple past occasions. Their bond also makes Chris confide in Ryan to take care of the other counselors after he leaves them at the camp.


Chris is Travis' younger brother. Despite the friction and frustration between the two brothers because of their family's situation, and Chris' actions as a werewolf, the two seem to have a good relationship. His condition has necessitated that Travis must continuously cover for him and take care of any evidence of the attacks he carries out, including locking up Max and Laura for two months in order to protect Chris. Later on, Travis even calls him a good man when speaking with Laura and Ryan.




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