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Once again Dylan puts himself in mortal danger for the sake of his 'work friends'.
— Dylan

Dylan Lenivy is one of the nine main protagonists and a playable character in The Quarry. He is one of the nine counselors at Hackett's Quarry summer camp. He was voiced and motion captured by Miles Robbins.


Main Outfit[]

Dylan is a young man with pale skin, brown eyes, and short brown hair with a high bang that reveals his forehead. He has a tattoo of a half realistic, half geometric wolf on his left forearm, although it is partially covered by a T-shirt.

Dylan wears a plain gray T-shirt with a band print "UNDANCE TOUR 1988" and rolled up sleeves, dons blue jeans, and charcoal slip-ons. Among the accessories Dylan wears a necklace under his T-shirt, a black watch on his right hand and two thin bracelets on his left hand.

80s Outfit[]

Dylan's 80s outfit is one of the most striking among the counselors. He adorns sweater rolled up to forearms, gray slacks and dark shoes with a slight heel. The sweater is made in watermelon colors, with a pink top and a lime bottom, as well as having a white collar. Dylan lacks all his accessories in this outfit.

50s Outfit[]

In his 50s outfit, Dylan has a white plaid shirt with dark turquoise sleeves, collar and placket, a plain white undershirt, dark plaid pants double-tied with black rope in place of a belt, and white shoes with a brown toe and heel. As with the 80s outfit, this outfit also lacks all of Dylan's accessories.

Appearance Evolution[]

During Silas' attack on the radio hut, Dylan gets his left arm bitten, which prompts Ryan to possibly amputate it. It will then be bandaged by Kaitlyn. Alternatively, Dylan can be bitten in the forearm and/or arm by werewolf Emma and Silas, respectively.

Following Nick's transformation, Dylan finds himself covered in his blood, which he later cleanses up. However, if Dylan himself became a werewolf, by returning to human form, he will again be completely covered in blood and his clothes will be torn.


Campers and counselors alike love Dylan's oddball humor and deep musical knowledge, broadcast daily over the camp's PA system… but beneath the affable, edgy persona of his radio voice, a much different person lies in wait, terrified of rejection.
— The Quarry website

Dylan is described in-game as Sarcastic. Laid-Back. Sociable.

The official website describes Dylan as a guy with an odd sense of humor and is filled with deep musical knowledge. On the outside, he has his edgy persona that is enhanced with his radio voice, although on the inside, an entirely different person is found to which he keeps in secret.

Dylan appears to be brave and selfless in the wake of danger, as he can sacrifice himself to save Kaitlyn from werewolf Emma (if she fails QTEs), and also frantically warns Kaitlyn to get away from him if he is infected and turning into a werewolf

The Quarry[]

Prior to the Quarry[]

Dylan was originally a camper at Hackett’s Quarry’s Summer Camp prior to becoming a counselor. During his time as a camper Dylan became interested in the camp’s old radio hut which hadn’t been used in years, and decided to fix it up. Putting a lot of, as he states, “TLC” into the hut in order to get it working again. While Chris Hackett, the camp’s owner, allows him to do this, in exchange for keeping the hut and it radio station operational Chris turns half the hut into storage for camp equipment and supplies, including his chainsaw.

Possible Deaths[]

Possible Deaths
Chapter Event Caused By Conditions
8 Throat Mauled Emma (Werewolf) Dylan is not infected; Abigail is dead; Kaitlyn does not shoot Emma at the van.
Spine and Throat Mauled Dylan is not infected; Kaitlyn does not shoot at Emma on top of the van; Kaitlyn does not shoot at Emma as she drags Dylan away.
9 Throat Mauled and Arm Severed Silas (Werewolf) Dylan is not infected; Dylan does not slam the car; Dylan fails QTEs OR hits first QTE but misses the second and Dylan’s hand was cut off OR fails QTE
10 Throat Mauled Caleb (Werewolf)

Kaitlyn (indirectly)

Dylan is not infected; Kaitlyn fails to make a choice or fails to shoot Caleb while he is present.
Caleb (Werewolf) Dylan is not infected; Kaitlyn hides in the freezer.
Dylan is not infected; Kaitlyn runs from the kitchen.

Possible Infections[]

Possible Infections
Chapter Type Caused By Conditions Transformation Cure
5 Left Hand Bite Silas (Werewolf) Abigail and Emma kicked the door open in Chapter 1. Chapter 9: Transforms in the crane after saving Kaitlyn from Silas. Ryan shoots/chainsaws Dylan’s arm off OR Laura shoots Silas.
8 Right Forearm Bite Emma (Werewolf) Kaitlyn fails to shoot at Emma on top of the van. Cannot transform into a werewolf. Kaitlyn shoots Emma with silver, Ryan shoots Chris OR Kaitlyn shoots Caleb with silver.
9 Right Arm Bite Silas (Werewolf) Abigail and Emma did not break into the cabin; Dylan does not slam the car; Dylan fails the QTE after lighting the torch. Cannot transform into a werewolf. Laura shoots Silas.



Dylan has romantic feelings for Ryan. Sometimes Ryan won't notice his flirting, other times he'll show interest and flirt back. If Ryan chooses to kiss Dylan for a Dare, Dylan is happy; if he kisses Kaitlyn, a message will show on screen saying Dylan is disappointed. The duo spend most of the chapters together, and their personalities often clash. Ryan gets frustrated by Dylan's levity, and Dylan by Ryan's dismissal of the supernatural. They still share a laugh once Ryan learns about who Dylan is behind his blasé persona. If bitten, Dylan urges Ryan to cut his hand off, but if Ryan accepts, Dylan will be upset. Ryan leaves with Laura to save Chris after reassuring Dylan he'll be fine. If Laura asks about Kaitlyn, Ryan can say he's closer to Dylan but doesn't know if he likes him, or that he's embarrassed of having suitors. Dylan can be worried about Ryan and Laura's relationship, if Ryan will like him without a hand, or he can decide he needs alone time after this night. He will still stop to think about Ryan's well-being.


Despite Kaitlyn and Dylan having feelings for the same man, said rivalry does not impede them from working together in a dangerous situation. They admit their feelings for Ryan, but both seem to agree to let Ryan decide whom he wants to be with. She also shows the most concern if Dylan loses his arm. If Dylan begins to transform while at the scrapyard, he fights his bestial instincts until the last minute, sternly warning Kaitlyn to get away from him instead of attacking her. At the final chapters, the two save each other's lives a number of times, including the times where the player isn't in control of them. For example, if the player misses a shot as Kaitlyn, Dylan can sacrifice himself to stop werewolf Emma from attacking her.


Hello! how's it going out there? This is- Uhh-Uh, we need help. This is-uhhh. We are counselors at Hackett's Quarry summer camp, and there's been a horrible accident-attack. Some stuff's bad here. We need your help! Uh, there is a swarm of bears and they are everywhere! And there's these hunters too and they seem to be shooting at the bears, but also at us. Umm.. Which is not good, and a few of our friends are hurt, and um, we are in desperate need of help. So please-there's vicious bears and uh, we don't know what to do, so please, uhh, come help us. S.O.S. This is an emergency. S-Save our ship. Come on down, please help us.
— Dylan's S.O.S. message


  • Dylan is the third most playable protagonist, tied with Emma and Laura.
  • Dylan and Ryan share the first same-gender kiss in Supermassive Games history.
  • Lenivý is Czech, Slovak, Belarusian (лянiвы), Ukrainian (лінивий), Polish (leniwy) and Russian (ленивый) for "lazy".
  • Lenivy may also be a play on the word "Levity", which means to treat a serious matter with a sense of humor.
  • Dylan apparently owns a cat that dislikes baths. Miles Robbins, Dylan's voice actor, has stated that the cat is named Schrödinger.
  • According to his actor, Miles Robbins, some of Dylan's lines were improvised, including his S.O.S. message at the radio hut.
  • In a conversation, Dylan says he wishes to study quantum physics in college. As Dylan is the most technologically savvy of all the counselors, this makes some sense. When asked about enjoying his assignment as the camp announcer and disc jockey, Dylan says that music is a hobby for him, not a profession.
  • If turned, Dylan is the only counselor who can never kill anyone in his werewolf form. He and Abigail are the only two playable characters who can never kill anyone, though they can cause injuries that would be fatal without werewolf healing to Silas and Nick, respectively.
  • If Dylan is infected in Chapter 5 and Ryan does not cut off his hand, Dylan's survival is guaranteed, as Silas (and possibly Emma) won't attack him, he'll turn into a werewolf and no one can kill him.
  • Infected Dylan is the only counselor who can not get cured if Caleb is killed, since he is the only one who can be bitten by Silas.
  • Dylan is the second canonically queer character in The Quarry.
  • In chapter five while playing as Dylan, you can find a beartrap beside the Pool House. Dylan will proceed to say that "something like that can really take your hands off," foreshadowing him possibly losing his hand later on in the chapter. This could also be a reference to Mike having his fingers cut off by a beartrap in Until Dawn.
  • Dylan is one out of three playable characters (along with Max and Emma) who doesn't have an opportunity to perform a 'don't breathe' QTE.
  • In chapter five, if you choose to cut Dylan's hand off with the chainsaw, you can see the brand's name is called 'Groovy.' This is a reference to Sam Raimi's movie 'Evil Dead II.' The Protagonist of the trilogy's catchphrase is "groovy." He also gets his hand cut off with a chainsaw like Dylan.



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