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Goodbye cruel world! The final curtain is calling and there's no time for an encore.
— Emma, moments before opening the trapdoor.

Emma Mountebank is one of the nine main protagonists and a playable character in The Quarry. She is one of the nine counselors at Hackett's Quarry summer camp. She was voiced and motion captured by Halston Sage.


Main Outfit[]

Emma is a beautiful young woman with fair skin, hazel eyes and curly shoulder-length blonde hair. Emma tends to tie her hair tightly in a top ponytail and comb the front hair into a curtain bangs, revealing the forehead. Additionally, she wears small natural makeup including dark eyelashes, dark eyeshadow and reddish lipstick.

Compared to the other girls, Emma's outfit can be considered revealing, highlighting her figure. She wears an olive long sleeved turtle-necked shirt that reveals a midriff, tight black jeans, and a pair of white sneakers along with white socks. Of her accessories, she wears a stylish chained necklace with a lock for a pendant and a silver bracelet, which however she loses at the beginning of the story.

80s Outfit[]

In her 80's costume, Emma wears punk-inspired clothing. While keeping her hair unchanged, she starts wearing an olive headband. Her makeup becomes much heavier, with bright olive eyeshadow and deep crimson lipstick.

Emma wears an olive crop top more revealing the midriff and exposing her left shoulder. It has slightly rolled up sleeves and a black letter E on the left side. Underneath the top, a small mesh tank top can be seen. Emma dons faded jeans with a mustard leather studded belt twice tied; the shoes remain unchanged. The costume is highly embellished, having multiple necklaces, two of which with crosses and numerous black bracelets adored with a pair of studded bracelets.

50s Outfit[]

In the 50's costume, Emma's hair and makeup remain unchanged. She is dressed in a purple knotted long sleeved crop shirt with a few stretchy buttons revealing her collarbone. She also wears tight pale pink jeans and white shoes with a purple toe. A small olive scarf tied in a simple knot stands out prominently in Emma's look.

Appearance Evolution[]

Regardless of the outfit, while swimming with Jacob in the lake, Emma takes off all her clothes, remaining only in dark blue undergarments, and also gathers her hair into a tight bun. Later on the island, if Emma checks the bag in the treehouse, she will find a gray T-shirt, blue overalls, and brown boots, (which is later revealed to belong to Max) which she will wear for the remainder of the game.

While escaping from werewolf Max on the island or confronting werewolf Caleb in the main land, Emma can be bitten either in arm or leg, though the wound will heal before she transforms. If Emma transformed into a werewolf, having returned to human form, her clothes will be torn, while Emma herself will be completely covered in blood. If she encounters the infected Jacob who picked up the bracelet, Emma will wear it to scare off the werewolf.


Emma is something of a documentarian, capturing and commenting on nearly everything through her phone's front-facing camera for her loyal followers. As a talented actress and enterprising influencer, she runs the camp's drama activities, teasing out the best (and worst) in everyone she meets.
— The Quarry website

Emma is described in-game as Confident, Performative, and Self-assured.

The official website describes Emma as a talented actress who virtually takes her followers to almost everywhere she goes. She's shown to have a humorous side as she teases Abigail about her crush on fellow counselor, Nick.

However, when letting her guard down she exposes that her exterior is just an act for her as that's what people want to see and she doesn't like others being upset. She maintains a calm nature in moments of stress, even going as far as to start dancing during the night.

The Quarry[]


More comfortable on camera than off, Emma's personality radiates from her like her beauty. She's got her whole life ahead of her and she can't wait to leave this summer behind, if she can just survive the night...

Possible Deaths[]

Possible Deaths
Chapter Cause of death Caused By Conditions
4 Throat ripped out Max (werewolf) Emma chooses to open the trapdoor instead of searching the bag.
Mauled stomach Emma fails both QTEs on the first zipline.
Mauled stomach and neck eaten Emma fails the first QTE while running back to the treehouse OR Emma fails to use the taser.
Stomach eaten Emma fails the second QTE while running back to the treehouse.
Leg bite and mauled neck Emma blocks the door; Emma does not use the bear spray; Emma fails the QTE to dodge the werewolf.
Stomach mauled and guts eaten Emma fails the QTE to push the cabinet OR Emma fails the QTE to climb the ladder; Emma fails to use the taser.
Neck mauled and eaten Emma reels the zipline quickly; Emma chooses to reel in; Emma fails the QTE.
Fall impact Herself Emma reels the zipline quickly; Emma chooses to jump; Emma fails the QTE.
8 Shot with a silver bullet Kaitlyn Chapter 4 - Emma is infected.

Chapter 8 - Kaitlyn shoots Emma immediately; Kaitlyn shoots Emma with a silver shell instead of a normal one (only available if Abigail is still alive).

10 Head ripped off Jacob (werewolf) Chapter 1 - Jacob does not find Emma’s silver bracelet.

Chapter 4 - Emma is infected.

Chapter 6 - Jacob is infected.

Chapter 9 - Ryan shoots Chris.

Possible Infections[]

Possible Infections
Chapter Type Caused By Conditions Transformation Cure
4 Arm bite Max (werewolf) Emma fails the QTE to push the cabinet. Chapter 8: Transforms inside van and attacks Dylan, Kaitlyn, and Abigail if she is alive. Ryan shoots Chris OR Kaitlyn shoots Caleb with silver.
Leg bite Emma fails the QTE while climbing the ladder.
6 Leg bite Caleb Emma runs from the hunters; Emma does not have the firecrackers OR fails the QTE to use them. Chapter 9: Transforms inside storm shelter and attacks Abigail, if she is alive. Kaitlyn shoots Caleb with silver OR Laura shoots Silas.



Jacob is Emma's former summer fling that she ended the day before the end of camp. Although she still retains romantic feelings towards him, she doesn't want to continue their relationship as they would have to be long distance and she doesn't want to be tied down by commitment either. Emma will admit to Abigail that she still thinks he's a good guy despite it. Her perception towards him is challenged through the night as he pleads with her to make it work and seemingly abandons her at the island.

She expresses her annoyance to her camera as she walks around the island, not understanding why she has to justify her feelings when Jacob is the one who got "bleugh" about it all. She can also say that she thinks Jacob will find someone else at college and says he deserves it. If she escapes the werewolf by fleeing the island, she will run into Jacob on the trail walkway, where she will punch him for leaving her on the island, despite him making it clear that he told Emma he heard Abigail was in distress and was going to find her. If they meet again before sunrise, she can admit she still has feelings for him, but they're just not meant for each other. When he tells her that he sabotaged the van she begins getting angry at him for asking her if she still had fun despite the night's events, but can still allow him to stay with her until sunrise despite it.


Abigail is Emma's best friend who she cherishes deeply. She shows this by letting her guard down around her and admitting that her confidence isn't really true, but rather acting. She will express sadness upon thinking about how she won't be seeing Abigail again as the summer camp is ending.

When confessed that Abigail is dead, if she is dead, Emma will have a difficult time accepting it. She will seem very distressed.

Later on, Emma and Abigail can meet in the lodge's storm shelter. The two will once again talk about how confident and calm Emma is, with Emma revealing to her she doesn't like seeing others upset. If Emma is infected, she will get annoyed with Abigail due to her general indecisiveness, spurred by Abigail being hesitant about going up the ladder. If Emma is not infected and Abigail is dead, Emma's eyes will be puffy and red (meaning she was crying). She will have difficulty lightning up the mood.

Killed Victims[]

Killed Victims
Chapter Victim Mechanism of kill Conditions
1 A squirrel (Mercy Kill) Squashed by a rock Abigail returns to camp instead of taking the scenic route; Abigail fails the QTE to dodge the squirrel; Abigail returns to the cart.
10 Caleb (Werewolf, Indirect) Shot with a silver bullet Chapter 9 - Emma, alone and uninfected, finds silver bullets in the basement.

Chapter 10 - Kaitlyn investigates the noise Emma's making and receives Emma's silver bullet; Kaitlyn shoots Caleb.

Killed Victims (Werewolf)
Chapter Victim Mechanism of kill Condition(s)
8 Abigail Throat ripped out Chapter 4 - Emma is infected.

Chapter 8 - Kaitlyn either runs OR fails to shoot Emma in time.

Dylan Throat Mauled Dylan is not infected; Abigail is dead; Kaitlyn does not shoot Emma at the van.
Spine and Throat Mauled Same condition; Kaitlyn does not shoot Emma on top of the van; Kaitlyn does not shoot at Emma as she drags Dylan away.
9 Abigail Mauled Chapter 6 - Emma is infected.

Chapter 9 - Abigail chooses the ladder but fails QTEs to climb up.

Face devoured Chapter 6 - Emma is infected.

Chapter 9 - Abigail chooses the stairs.


  • Emma is the third most playable protagonist (tied with Dylan and Laura) in terms of the number of chapters in which she is playable. She is playable in 5 chapters (2, 4, 6, 9, and 10).
  • The word "mountebank" is a noun describing "a person who deceives others." This could be a reference to Emma revealing that her confidence is actually just a form of acting: one that she employs for herself, but also because she doesn't want to upset the people around her.
  • Concept arts show that Emma was originally able to evade Werewolf Max in her underwear, and she would have gotten her clothes later in the game. This was scrapped, likely because it would have made Emma an easy character to save.
  • Emma and Dylan are the two characters who can be bitten by two different werewolves. She can be bitten by Max or Caleb.
  • Emma is the only character who can be killed by Max or Jacob.
  • Emma is the character whose survival can be guaranteed earliest in the story (by surviving Chapter 4 without being infected).
  • Emma is the only protagonist who never encounters Laura during the story, although Laura is told of Emma's whereabouts. Laura expresses concern that Emma inadvertently traipsed onto the island where Max was detained.


Emma: "Eh... it's just acting. It's what the people want."
Abigail: "So you're faking it?"
Emma: "I mean, in a way... "faking it is just being yourself... but louder. You should try it sometime - you never know who you might impress."
— Emma and Abigail
Abigail: "Okay, so, hypothetically... If I were to 'put myself out there-'... what if he just ends up being a dud? Kinda like you and Jacob."
Emma: "Well... he's actually really sweet."
Abigail: "Then why'd you quit it?"
Emma: "Summer fling! We're going to school like four states away. I- He gets it."
— Emma and Abigail
Abigail: "You know what? I actually believe you."
Emma: "Abi... was that a compliment?"
Abigail: "Your charm is infectious, what can I say? I'd subscribe."
Emma: "You better. As soon as you get home: sub, share, smash that like button! The holy trinity!"
Abigail: "Okay, well now I'm really regretting it."
— Emma and Abigail
Abigail: "Oh, how did they even get by for two months without you?"
Emma: "I will have you know that I have a very loyal and engaged subscriber base. I provide very important and educational lifestyle advice in the form of entertaining and hilarious video monologues. They rely on me."
Abigail: "Oh, totally. You're a big deal."
Emma: "Um, yeah."
Abigail: "I mean I'm- I'm sure they're going to be like really happy you're back."
— Emma and Abigail, if the latter choose to go to the scenic route and acts sarcastic.
Emma: "I hope Abi's okay. She ran off earlier. If you didn't see it, I, kinda sorta made out with Nick- But it was a dare! I'm not like a bitch or anything. Oh, and for context: Abi likes Nick. Well, actually, they like each other. In truth, I just wanted to fan the flames a little. Watching the stumble around each other like drunk jellyfish was exhausting! Poor kid was like a deer in headlights. It's cool though, they're smart, they'll get it. I bet they're out there in the woods right now just absolutely going for it."
— Emma recording herself if she took the left path and acts compassionate
Emma: "Abi sees me as this... confident person, but, really? I'm just desperate to stay afloat in a world where everyone wants to be different."
— Emma recording herself

Emma: "I gotta... I gotta... I gotta..."
— Emma before her werewolf transformation



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