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You know somethin', I ain't got enough silver to kill you. But I sure to hell can make you suffer.
— Jedediah to an injured Laura

Jedediah "Jed" Hackett is a supporting character and antagonist in The Quarry. He was voiced and motion captured by Lance Henriksen.


Jedediah is an elderly man who wears overalls and a white shirt underneath. He has white hair in a widow's peak. He is remarkably fit for an octogenarian, being in good enough shape to participate in werewolf hunts alongside his son Bobby.


Jedediah is very quiet and reserved, speaking softly and behaving cautiously in his actions throughout the night. He is fiercely devoted to his family, especially his wife, Constance.

The Quarry[]

Chapter 1[]

Jedediah is first seen aiming at the counselors with a sniper as his son, Bobby, places down a sign, "HUNTING SEASON". He then puts blood on his face to cover himself from the werewolves, reacting oddly to the smell of it. Once the sign is placed down, he and Bobby patrol the forest, and can be seen by Emma later on in the chapter as she searches the store for supplies.

Chapter 2[]

After a fight at the campfire, the counselors all separate, and it turns out Jed and Bobby were watching them from the hillside. Jedediah and Bobby then walk away to track them all down. As Bobby is looking for the counselers for the next little while, Jed provides radio support.

Chapter 6[]

Later, Jed and Bobby catch Werewolf Nick in a snare trap, and soon after, find Emma, who can possibly throw fireworks at Jed, wounding him. Later, Jedediah can possibly find Jacob dead or alive in a beartrap, and if alive, he and Bobby will drag Jacob back to the Hackett House, where they throw him in a cell alongside an already jailed Nick.

Chapter 8[]

When Laura and Ryan are caught at the Hackett House, Bobby and Jed come back with a deceased Kaylee, and Constance, Jed's wife, fights over Laura's shotgun with her. This can possibly result in the death of Constance, which ends up turning Jed against the counselors, vowing revenge. However; he will always end up turning on them due to the unpreventable death of his granddaughter - Kaylee, at the hands of Laura.

Chapter 9[]

The next couple segments involve Jedediah looking for Laura inside the house. Once he finds her, the two of them engage in a battle; if QTEs are failed, Jedediah will stab Laura to "death", but due to her slow transformation into a werewolf, she will survive this ordeal. If all QTEs are succeeded, Jed will die here.

Lastly, if Jed survived up to this point, he will witness his two sons: Bobby and Travis battle against a transformed Laura and Werewolf Chris. If Bobby was stabbed by Ryan earlier, Chris will end up killing Bobby, Jed and possibly Constance if shes still alive. If Bobby wasn't stabbed, Jed and Constance will flee the room as Bobby fends off Chris. Jed is not seen for the rest of the game.

Possible Deaths[]

Possible Deaths
Chapter Cause of Death Caused By Conditions
9 Neck Snapped Laura Laura successfully defeats him in their fight, chooses to attack him, and completes the button-mashing prompt.
9 Face Smashed Chris (Werewolf) Ryan stabbed Bobby, leaving him too weak to defend himself or his father.



  • Jedediah's actor, Lance Henriksen, also portrayed Carl Manfred in Detroit: Become Human, another video game title made by Quantic Dream.
    • Coincidentally, both characters in these two games can either live or die, depending on what the player does.
  • A sort of an "easter egg": in the original Mass Effect trilogy, Lance Henriksen voiced one of the supporting characters, an Alliance Fleet Admiral by the name of Steven Hackett.