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Honey, you really want to listen to the advice of some creep-ass cop, who told us in the middle of the creep-ass woods, to go to some creep-ass hotel?
— Laura persuading Max to go to Hackett's Quarry

Laura Kearney is one of the nine main protagonists and a playable character in The Quarry. She is one of the nine counselors at Hackett's Quarry summer camp and the girlfriend of Max. She was voiced and motion captured by Siobhan Williams.


Main Outfit[]

Laura is a young woman with pale skin and blue eyes, covered with a little green eyeshadow. Her hair is blonde and long, causing it to be pulled in a high ponytail.

In the prologue, Laura is seen wearing a pink cap, revealing a midriff black long-sleeve crop, with the top button undone, short denim shorts and black boots with shin height striped socks. She also has a yellowish-brown flannel shirt, which Laura prefers to wear tied around her waist. Among the counselors, she is one of those who doesn't wear accessories.

80s Outfit[]

In her 80s outfit, Laura's most notable clothing is a short sleeved button up shirt in a multi-colored (red, yellow, blue, black, pink and purple) block pattern. She has a black leather belt around her brown corduroy pants that hangs over white sneakers. Instead of a pink cap, Laura wears a blue and white one.

50s Outfit[]

For a 50s outfit, Laura wears a turquoise turtle-necked short-sleeved sweater, beige wide-leg pants and brown shoes. In this outfit, Laura doesn't wear a cap.

Appearance Evolution[]

After being kidnapped by Travis, Laura still wears her main costume, although after werewolf Chris' attack, she is stained with dirt and Max's blood. For the next two months, Laura wears the same clothes as Max: a black T-shirt, gray pants, and brown boots. After the transformation, Max scratches out Laura's left eye and leaves her with scars.

After escaping from Travis, Laura completely changes her look. She now wears an open green jacket with the sleeves rolled up, a black T-shirt underneath, black fingerless gloves, slightly torn tight black pants, and black boots. Laura also wears an eyepatch, Max's ring necklace, a black watch on her left hand, and a large brown backpack, which she leaves in the pool house.

When Laura returns to Max on the island, mistakenly believing she killed Chris, she ends up bitten by the werewolf, causing her bite mark as well as her left eye to regenerated after a while. After Ryan shoots Chris, Laura returns in her human form, covered in blood and wearing scraps of T-shirt and pants. In Chapter 10, if Laura, Ryan and Travis went to hunt Silas, she will wear one of Constance's dresses, purple in color. She can also smear her face with blood to protect herself from the white werewolf.


Laura's excited to spend a quiet summer in the woods as a camp counselor alongside her boyfriend Max. It's the perfect way to apply her resourceful, curious nature before she returns to her veterinarian studies in the fall. For Laura, everything's falling into place.
— The Quarry website

Laura is described in-game as Studious. Independent. Determined.

Laura is headstrong, proactive and selfless. She doesn't hesitate to help people as seen in the prologue and especially to save her boyfriend Max from the infection. She has quick wits as she got the meaning of Travis' poem quickly. She has no problem taking the lead, usually taking decisions as Max happily follows. Her imprisonment hardened her and made her more sarcastic and straightforward than usual, but also made her confident. Dylan notably describes her as heroic and confident.

Her determination to cure Max's infection leads her to be willing to do anything to kill Werewolf Chris Hackett, making her do much collateral damage like killing Kaylee or possibly kill an infected Nick.

Although Laura can be shown to be calm and happy in most circumstances, she can become argumentative and express annoyance towards people when they do something that she doesn't particularly like or expect.

The official website describes Laura as resourceful and curious and also that she is studying to be a veterinarian.

The Quarry[]


Bags packed and ready for adventure, Laura helps her boyfriend Max navigate the route to Hackett's Quarry Summer Camp, but she's about to find out that there's a lot more to lose than her bearings on the map.



Max and Laura car ride

Max and Laura are lost

She is first seen in the prologue, where she is on the road with Max to the summer camp and tells Max that they are lost to which they both briefly joke about. At one point, she notices that he is not paying attention to the road, and reminds him to do so – at this moment they notice an unknown figure sitting on the road, and swerve to avoid it, ending up crashing in the surrounding woods.

She explores the surrounding area while Max fixes the car; whilst doing so, she encounters the remnants of a traveling circus or magic show of some sort as well as unexplained whispers and other supernatural phenomena. This culminates in a figure whispering directly into her ear "Silas" - at this, she makes a mad dash back to the car.

After seeing another ghostly figure directly behind Max, they both decide to get back into the car – however, they are unable to gain any traction in the mud. Sheriff Travis shows up shortly after, and uses a tow cable to get them back on the road. Travis will then ask what happened to the two and what they are doing in the area late at night.

Laura can either avoid the question, claim that she thought the figure was an animal, or tell the truth. After another unsettling conversation, he can give them advice to head straight to a nearby motel; they may ignore this advice and go to the summer camp instead.

Max and Laura exploring the structure

Max and Laura explore the structure

At the seemingly abandoned camp, she will realize that sending a voicemail is not the same as calling ahead. She can then visit an ominous set of yellow doors located in a concrete structure, seeing the same figure they saw on the road behind the doors but thinking that it's a person who needs to be rescued. She can then be joined by Max, opening the doors and exploring the structure and potentially finding a recently eaten corpse inside, with a discarded collar next to it.

Max may be attacked at this point by a monster, and Laura has the option to either leave him or save him. If she tries to save him, he will be dragged away anyway; Travis will then sedate her with a syringe and fire his pistol into the bunker.

Chapter 2

Laura and Max are mentioned by Dylan when he takes the Counselor’s Ledger out of the drawer in Chris’ office when exploring.

Chapter 5

Laura is spotted by Ryan, Kaitlyn, Dylan, Abigail and Nick after she shoots and kills Kaylee (at the pool), Chris' daughter, who Laura mistakens as Chris. At the end of the chapter, Laura appears again with an eye patch.

Chapter 6

Laura is shown asking where Chris Hackett is, and ends up arguing with Ryan about whether Chris and his family are actually who they seem to be.

Chapter 7[]

Laura is the main playable character in chapter 7 while she explains the events of what happened to her and Max during their imprisonment to Ryan, Dylan, Kaitlyn, and Abigail (if the player has not gotten her killed yet).

She will also reveal what happened to her eye and the reason why Max is on the island.

Chapter 8

Ryan goes with Laura to the Hackett Mansion because he wants to prove that Chris is not who she thinks he is. During their way there, they fall through floor boards and end up in the mine. Laura’s bite mark is healed when they land in the water, and Ryan removes her eye patch to reveal that her left eye is there again.

In the basement, they will find Jacob locked in a cage with a werewolf, who is Nick. Ryan has the option of stopping Laura from shooting Nick. If Ryan does not stop Laura, Nick will die (this is the only way that Nick can die. If he is not shot his survival is guaranteed). Jacob tells Ryan to unlock the cage, but Ryan has an option not to. If player chooses to do it, Ryan needs to figure out how to open the cage without Jacob getting killed. Towards the end while Constance and Travis are upstairs talking, Laura will get caught by Constance through the trap door.

Chapter 9

During the struggle with the family for the gun, Constance will turn off the lights which will resolve with her death if you choose to successfully win the struggle for the gun.

After this, Bobby will stab Ryan and Jedediah will shoot at Laura. In a room upstairs, Laura will have a confrontation with Jedediah once again. You can choose to kill him here to Travis's dismay. Regardless of your decision, Laura will break the fuse box.

After a long segment with Ryan, you play as Laura before she turns into a werewolf where Ryan can either shoot Chris or Laura.

Chapter 10

If you shot Chris, Laura will turn human once more and her, Ryan, and Travis agree to work together to kill Silas.

During the drive there, they will get attacked and depending on how you play as Laura, you can cause the death of all the characters in the car (crashing it), though if successful you can find Silas hiding place and shoot him, ending the curse for everybody.

Possible Deaths[]

Possible Deaths
Chapter Cause of death Caused By Conditions
9 Shot with silver Ryan Ryan shoots Laura.
Stabbed with silver-backed mirror shard Travis Ryan does not shoot Chris or Laura.
Chapter 7 - Laura shoots Travis.

Chapter 9 - Ryan shoots Chris.

10 Throat ripped out Silas


The car crashes; Laura does not shoot Silas.
Car crash injuries The car crashes; Laura shoots Silas.
Decapitation Laura is not given the blood vial; Laura does not shoot Silas.


Chapter Type Caused By Conditions Transformation Cure
7 (flashback) Arm bite Max (werewolf) Unavoidable Chapter 9: Transforms after discovering werewolf Chris and attacks Travis. Ryan shoots Chris.

Killed Victims[]

Killed Victims
Chapter Victim Mechanism of kill Conditions
5 Kaylee Shot with a silver bullet Unavoidable
8 Nick (Werewolf) Shot with a silver bullet Ryan does not stop Laura from shooting the unidentified werewolf in the cage.
9 Constance Shotgun blast to the face Laura completes QTE during the struggle with the gun, causing it to accidentally go off.
Jedediah Neck Snapped Laura successfully defeats Jedediah during their fight; Laura attacks Jedediah; Laura completes the button-mashing prompt.
Jacob (Indirect, Accidental) Throat Mauled Jacob is not infected; Laura does not shoot werewolf Nick; Ryan leaves Jacob in the cages OR fails to figure out the puzzle. Laura will then later turn off the power, opening all the cages at the same time.
Travis Shotgun blast to the face Ryan rejected Laura's bite offer; Travis did not stab Laura after reverting to human form; Laura shoots Travis
10 Shot Laura prevents the car from crashing; Laura doesn't raise the gun; Laura succeeds the QTE to dodge Travis; Laura shoots Travis.
Same condition; Laura fails the QTE to dodge Travis.
Silas Shot with a silver bullet Laura fails to keep the car steady; Laura completes both QTEs to grab the gun and shoot Silas.
Laura prevents the car from crashing; Laura raises the gun/ completes QTE to dodge Travis OR fails QTE to dodge Travis; Laura shoots Silas
Killed Victims (Werewolf)
Chapter Victim Mechanism of kill Condition(s)
9 Travis Decapitated Ryan does not shoot Chris OR Laura.



See Max and Laura for more information.

Max and Laura joking around

Max and Laura joke about the sheriff

Max is Laura's boyfriend, Max often tell jokes to her which Laura enjoys, while they don't see eye to eye on certain things they do love one another. While they usually get along, they can have heated arguments in which one of them can be more aggressive or frustrated towards the other.

She can discover a rejection letter dated May 21, 2021 from Landis University near a toolbox; she will be disappointed and wonder why he did not tell her but she does not tell him that she found it. When Laura and Max arrive at camp, Max assumes that Laura had only sent a message to Mr. Hackett which Laura confirms and it upsets him although he apologizes for his attitude.

Later, when Max is attacked by werewolf Chris, she shows concern for his wellbeing. If she chooses to try and help him, as Max is dragged away, she screams for him in despair.

The two share concerns with each other during their time being locked up in Travis' jail. She also worries for him during her time hunting Chris Hackett to cure him of the werewolf curse. If Laura is reunited with Max, the two embrace twice and they survive the night together.


When the two first met, they were hostile to each other, with Ryan being hostile due to her murdering Kaylee, hunting Chris Hackett and being infected, and Laura due to Ryan showing hostility first and aiming a gun at her. The two eventually calm down and when Laura decides to venture to the Hackett House to find Chris, Ryan volunteers to go with her, which Laura can jokingly ask if he is flirting with her, which Ryan rebuffs. The two ultimately develop a friendship during their visit to the house.

She also asks Ryan about his relationships with Kaitlyn and Dylan, which Ryan openly talks about it. Later, after Ryan is stabbed by Bobby, she shows concern for his wellbeing, and fears that he will die soon. However, as an attempt to save his life, she offers to infect him with her werewolf bite due to her being infected. If Ryan rejects, she gets angry with him being selfish, how he is okay with his friends being infected, but not him. Despite this, when Ryan dies of blood loss, she shows sadness over his sudden and peaceful death. If Ryan agrees, he is thankful for it. Later, if Laura is stabbed to death by Travis, Ryan shows grief and despair over her death. He can avenge her death by killing Travis soon after.

If Ryan and Laura survive until their confrontation with Silas and Ryan has the blood vial, he offers it to her, stating that after everything she went through, she deserves to live. She can choose to either accept it gratefully, or gently refuse it. If Laura does not kill Silas, but she used the blood vial, Ryan can sacrifice himself by blocking her from Silas. Otherwise, if Ryan used the blood vial, he shows sadness over Laura's death by Silas.


Laura and Constance fight Chapter 9

Laura and Constance struggling for the shotgun.

Constance hates Laura because she killed her granddaughter, Kaylee, mistaking her for Chris. Constance then despises Laura and can even shoot her if annoyed enough, Laura can also shoot Constance during a struggle for the gun.



  • Laura is the first playable character in The Quarry, and the first who can find a tarot card and clue.
  • Laura is the most playable character, tied with Ryan for 9 playable segments: one in the prologue, three in chapter 7, twice in chapter 8, twice in chapter 9, and once in chapter 10.
  • During the run of the game, Emma and Laura never interact, as Emma is not a part of the group by the time Laura shows up.
  • In chapter 7, depending on how you treated Max and Travis in the prologue, Max can end up resenting her for leaving him in the basement.
  • Before the events of the game, Laura stated she was going to college to major in medical as a veterinarian.
  • Throughout the game Laura wears 5 different outfits (seven if you count DLC outfits).
  • Laura can be considered as the main protagonist of the game, as she initiates it during the prologue and ends it at the very last segment (if played).
  • Laura is the only character in the game to lose an eyeball.

Deaths and Infections[]

  • Laura and Ryan are the only protagonists who can die from being stabbed and/or stab wounds. However, she is the only character who can be stabbed with a glass shard.
  • Laura and Ryan are the only protagonists who can be killed due to car crash injuries.
  • Laura, Emma, Jacob, and Abigail are the only protagonists who can be decapitated.
  • Laura and Ryan are the only protagonists who can be directly killed by Travis.
  • Laura and Emma are the only protagonists who are/can be infected by Werewolf Max. However, Laura’s infection is inevitable while Emma can avoid it.
  • Laura, Ryan, Emma, Max, Dylan are the only protagonists who can be cured by killing werewolf Chris.
  • Laura, Ryan, Dylan, and Kaitlyn are the only protagonists who can be killed by Silas.
  • Laura, Nick, and Max are the only playable characters who get bitten by a werewolf regardless of the player's actions.
    • Speaking of bites, Laura and Max are the only playable characters who can determinately infect another playable character (in Laura's case, she can infect Ryan in order to stop his Bobby-induced blood loss from killing him, in Max's case, he can infect Emma if she fails to either push the cabinet down to block the door, fails to climb the ladder in time, or chooses not to jump after she reels in the zipline).


  • Laura and Max are the third and fourth protagonists who breaks a running gag in Supermassive Games in that she is the first protagonist of the games to be the first playable character and potentially survive by the end of the game, whereas previous first playable protagonists die regardless. The first is Becky Marney from Hidden Agenda, and the second is Anthony from The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope.


Laura: "What? You’re not the boss of me."
Max: "I just don't want you wandering off on your own!"
Laura: "Excuse me?"
Max: "That's not what I meant."
Laura: "Yeah, it better not be."
— Laura, if the latter chooses to act defiant against Max.
Max: "Honey, I know you're on edge but you gotta calm down."
Max: "It was probably just an animal or something!"
Laura: "No! It wasn't an animal you didn't see it, it was a woman or....!"
— Laura panicking after witnessing the paranormal.
Max: "Very slick! Are you sure we shouldn't just get to the motel, just listen to this guy's advice?"
Laura: "Honey, you really want to listen to the advice of some creep-ass cop, who told us in the middle of the creep-ass woods, to go to some creep-ass hotel?"
— Laura persuading Max to go to Hackett's Quarry.
Laura: "Oh my God! If he called me ma'am one more time, I was gonna shove that badge up his dickhole!"
— Laura making fun of Travis
Laura: "Ryan right? Shut the fuck up and let me finish okay?"
— Laura talking to Ryan
Laura: " Oh god! Not now! Not now! Come on!"
— Laura before her werewolf transformation

Dylan: "Wouldn't really matter anyway. Looks like we finally know Ryan's type... confident and heroic. With an eye-patch."
Kaitlyn: "So, pirates?"
Dylan: "Maybe she shivers his timbers."
— Dylan and Kaitlyn talking about Ryan's type.



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