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You've seen the Evil Dead, right?
— Max after entering the lodge basement

Max Brinly is one of the nine main protagonists and a playable character in The Quarry. He is one of nine camp counselors at Hackett's Quarry summer camp and the boyfriend of Laura. He was voiced and motion captured by Skyler Gisondo.


Main Outfit[]

Max is a young man with fair skin and lots of freckles, green eyes and red hair. His hair seems to be made in a messier version of the slick back hairstyle with some hair strands sticking out on the side of it.

In the prologue, Max is seen wearing an unbuttoned denim jacket with rolled up sleeves and a light gray T-shirt underneath, dark blue jeans and light sneakers. His accessories include a ring necklace, a wrist watch on his left hand, and a bracelet on his right hand.

80s Outfit[]

Max's 80s outfit consists of a tracksuit in retro colors, the main purple and acid green patterned sections, and highlighting red and white sneakers. The jacket is partially open, revealing a plain white T-shirt underneath. Max's usual accessories aren't apparent.

50s Outfit[]

In the 50s outfit, Max wears a dark blue sweater with a diamond pattern in different shades and a white formal shirt with an azure tie. He also dons light brown pants and white and brown classic shoes.

Appearance Evolution[]

Regardless of the costume, after being attacked by the werewolf Chris in the bunker, Max ends up bitten in the shoulder, though the wound later heals. After first transforming into a werewolf, the original costume is torn, leading to Travis giving Max a black T-shirt, gray sport pants and boots. After the second transformation, Travis gives him Bobby's clothes, consisting of a gray T-shirt, blue overalls, and brown boots.

After escaping from Travis, Max stays on the island and removes his clothes before the transformation. If Chris was killed, returning to human form, Max will be in just his black boxers, completely covered in blood while his hair is disheveled. He then proceeds to put on Laura's tracksuit (as his clothes were taken by Emma in Chapter 4), consisting of a pink black jacket revealing a midriff and black pants. He talks to himself how awkward this attire is on him but is the only clothes he can find. If the default or 80s outfit mode is selected, Max can also wear Laura's ballcap, however this is optional.


Ever the class clown, Max has trouble applying himself and seeing things through, unlike his girlfriend Laura. Fortunately, his friendly attitude and unfaltering loyalty make them a great match, provided she doesn't get sick of his lack of ambition—which won't cut it if their plan to go to college together has any hope of success.
— The Quarry website

Max is described as Mr. Witty. Sarcastic. Helpless. Dependent. Friendly.

The official website describes him as having a friendly and nonchalant attitude at all times but has a serious lack of ambition which disappoints his girlfriend.

Contrasting to his girlfriend Laura, Max is rather passive and reluctant to take action. When asked about the car crash by Travis, Max lets Laura do the talking. He has quite the imagination by first suggesting that what they nearly avoided hitting when so far out in the backcountry was a werewolf (although it would be later shown that he was correct).

He is shown to be a bit of an airhead, when he momentarily got distracted and crashed their car or when Laura told him to bring tools, he only brought certain types of tools instead of the whole toolbox. His clumsiness also leads him to fail to successfully assault Travis, should he and Laura planned to escape by fighting him.

Max can be prone to pessimism, expressing to Laura his lack of hope that they will escape Travis' imprisonment and that they might as well accept being there forever. He has very little faith that they will be able to get on Travis' good side and suggests that he is simply biding his time until he can kill them. This tendency is most likely a product of his lack of ambition or plans for the future, giving him little motivation to survive and get back to his normal life.

Although he is shown to be humorous and funny at all times, he can show frustration when Laura got defensive about going off on her own. On seldom points, Max can be the more sensible of the pair. He suggests that maybe they should accept the Sheriff's recommendation to spend the night at the Harbinger Motel. When they arrive at the summer camp to be met by no one, Max wonders where Mr. Hackett could be and is annoyed with Laura that she did not get an oral confirmation from the man, only leaving a voicemail with him. The fact that all doors are secured and there are no lights on confirms Max's belief that the place is closed and they ought to check into the motel as suggested.

The Quarry[]


Forever being the class clown, Max embraces his comedic timing and jokes to the fullest of his abilities! Going to Hackett's Quarry and possibly bring good mood to the camp, his everlasting friendly attitude and demeanor would surely make others around him comfortable.

He is currently dating his hard headed girlfriend, Laura. With both of their personalities colliding like two boulders, it's a wonder how they ever got together at all! But it doesn't bother him in the slightest, as long as he can make her happy with his jokes and friendly aura. Although, his lack of ambition is causing a bit of a stir in their relationship.



Max and Laura car ride

Max and Laura are lost

Max is first seen in the prologue, driving to Hackett's Quarry a day before camp starts with his girlfriend, Laura, as she wished to get there early and scope the place out before camp starts. Laura notes that the two of them have gotten lost to which they both briefly joke about, when Max gets distracted Laura reminds him to pay attention but they soon swerve to avoid something in the middle of the road and the car ends up crashing in the surrounding woods.

Max remains behind to fix the car while Laura follows after a noise in the woods. When Laura returns, she warns Max of a figure behind him. While he does not see the figure, he does say that he heard something.

The two decide to get back in the car and are quickly confronted by Sheriff Travis after being unable to get the car out of the mud. Travis questions the two about how they ended up in the woods, and Laura can tell him the truth, lie, or avoid the question. Travis may then tell the two to head to Harbinger Motel; they may ignore this advice and go to Hackett's Quarry instead.

Max and Laura exploring the structure

Max and Laura explore the structure

Arriving at Hackett's Quarry shortly after midnight, no one appears to be around. With Max growing angry at Laura asking if she had really talked to the camp’s director Chris Hackett, or if she just left a message. When Laura asks what’s the difference, Max grows angry again pointing out of the seemingly abandoned camp as the difference, before heading back towards the car, apologizing to Laura for his attitude as he walks away. Max then gets behind the wheel, saying that after all that has transpired tonight and the fact that the camp is unoccupied, it is best that they simply proceed to a motor court to rest for the night. Laura, however, finds an ominous set of slanted yellow doors underneath the lodge's veranda, which lead into a civil defense shelter. She peers inside and finds someone trapped, and asks Max to help her force open the shelter doors.

Max will be attacked at this point by a monster, and Laura has the option to either leave him or save him. If she elects to leave him, Max will groan and scream in pain, apparently being attacked again by the monster. If she elects to save him, she cannot pull his weight up the stairs and in his wounded state he tumbles down the stairs back into the shelter, taking her with him. Travis then appears, knocks out Laura with a hypodermic needle of an unknown sedative, then fires his pistol into the shelter. Although it appears that Max was doomed if Laura abandons him, it is later revealed he is still alive, as presumably Travis saved Max from the monster and extracted him from the shelter.

Chapter 4[]

Werewolf Max appears in this chapter and either kills or infects Emma. It is also possible that Emma defends herself to the extent that she can flee the island unscathed.

Chapter 7[]

Over between a few weeks and a month after the attack at Hackett's Quarry, Max was also captured and put in the North Kill Police Department along with Laura. He again transforms into a werewolf and slashes Laura's left eye after she got too close. The two spent more time in their cells, even learning that Chris Hackett was responsible for Max's curse. They also learn more about the curse, revealing that the only way to be cured is to kill the werewolf that infected the individual with silver. Eventually, Laura finally gets free, either by sedating or shooting Travis and flees to Hackett's Quarry, where Laura leaves Max on the island for safety. She returned one time to see if Max is normal, only for his werewolf form to attack and infect Laura in the process.

Chapter 10[]

If Ryan shot Chris in Chapter 9, Max will be cured of the curse. He is perplexed what happened to his clothes, not realizing they were stolen by Emma. Max comes upon a bag of Laura's shirt and pants, which he puts on only out of preference not to be walking around stark naked. He then explores the island, finding some clues, including the Harbinger Motel matches and Laura's pink hat.

If Max killed Emma in Chapter 4 at any point in the treehouse, he can also find her corpse. He looks on her phone and watches his werewolf form attack and kill Emma, all caught on camera, or the still frame of her evidence photo if it was taken. He then approaches the dock.

If Ryan died from blood loss in Chapter 9, and Laura kills Travis, she will arrive on the island by boat and the two will happily embrace as the two stay together until the morning.

If Laura is dead, or her, Ryan, and Travis went to hunt Silas, Max is faced with two decisions: stay on the island, or swim to shore.

If Max swims to the shore, he jumps into the water and manages to swim back to the mainland dock, only to be suddenly attacked by a waiting werewolf Caleb, leading to his throat being torn out, with his corpse left on the dock.

If Max stays on the island, he is seen waiting there patiently for Laura, whether or not she lived or died, therefore, surviving the night.

Possible Death[]

Possible Deaths
Chapter Mechanism of Kill Caused By Conditions
10 Throat ripped out Caleb


Chapter 9 - Ryan shoots Chris, Laura does not shoot Travis.

Chapter 10 - Max decides to swim to the shore.


Chapter Type Caused By Conditions Transformation Cure
Into the Woods Shoulder bite Chris (werewolf) Unavoidable Chapter 7: Transforms in the beginning after Travis drags him into his cell. Ryan shoots Chris OR Kaitlyn shoots Caleb with silver.
Chapter 7: Transforms later in the chapter and scratches Laura's eye out.
Chapter 4 and Chapter 7 (flashback): Transforms off-screen on the island and attacks Emma and Laura.



See Max and Laura for more information.

Max and Laura joking around

Max and Laura joke about the sheriff

Laura is Max's girlfriend, Max often tell jokes to her which Laura enjoys, while they don't see eye to eye on certain things they do love one another. While they usually get along, they can have heated arguments in which one of them can be more aggressive or frustrated towards the other.

He hid a rejection letter from Landis University near a toolbox in which Laura can find; when Laura finds the letter she will be disappointed that he didn't tell her although she doesn't tell him that she found it. When Laura and Max arrive at camp, Max assumes that Laura had only sent a message to Mr. Hackett which Laura confirms and it upsets him although he apologizes for his attitude.

Killed Victims[]

Killed Victims (Werewolf)
Chapter Victim Mechanism of kill Condition(s)
4 Emma Throat ripped out Emma chooses to open the trapdoor instead of searching the bag.
Mauled stomach Emma fails both QTEs on the first zipline.
Mauled stomach and neck eaten Emma fails the first QTE while running back to the treehouse OR Emma fails to use the taser.
Stomach eaten Emma fails the second QTE while running back to the treehouse.
Leg bite and mauled neck Emma blocks the door; Emma does not use the bear spray; Emma fails the QTE to dodge the werewolf.
Stomach mauled and guts eaten Emma fails the QTE to push the cabinet OR Emma fails the QTE to climb the ladder; Emma fails to use the taser.
Neck mauled and eaten Emma reels the zipline quickly; Emma chooses to reel in; Emma fails the QTE.


  • Max applied to Landis University which is named after John Landis, who wrote and directed "An American Werewolf in London".
  • Max is also named after John Landis's son Max Landis who is a writer and director like his father.
  • According to his rejection letter, Max lives at 13 Fullerton Street in Asheville, North Carolina.
    • This is somewhat strange as Max is traveling to Hackett's Quarry in Upstate New York, which is a long way from North Carolina. It is likely he signed up for distant counseling.
  • Max is apparently good at repairing vehicles as he fixed his car after it was in a rough shape.
  • While exploring the concrete structure, Max references the Evil Dead. Ted Raimi (who played Sheriff Travis) is the brother of Sam Raimi, who is known for creating the Evil Dead franchise. Ted Raimi was also a character in the series.
  • Max is the least playable protagonist, with his only playable segment being at the beginning of Chapter 10, and only if Chris is dead.
  • Max and Nick are the only protagonists who have only one death.
    • Max and Nick can be considered the easiest protagonists to save, as only one choice results in their survival or death, and they only have one way to die.
    • They are also two characters with the least amount of playtime among the characters.
  • Max (in his human form) never encounters the rest of the camp counselors.
    • He only knows Laura, his girlfriend, but he can find Emma's corpse if he killed her in the treehouse.
  • Max, Nick, and Laura are the only protagonists who transform into werewolves, regardless of the player's decisions.
  • Max’s survival is guaranteed if Chris is not killed in Chapter 9 OR he stays on the island in Chapter 10.
  • Max is somewhat similar to Josh Washington from Until Dawn as both characters can only be played as in the final chapters of their respective games.


Laura: "Max, it's okay, it doesn't make you any less of a man."
Max: "Y'know if Columbus hadn't got lost and landed on these golden shores, there would no United States of America? Goodbye hotdogs, see you later apple pie!"
— Max and Laura joke about getting lost
Max: "You've seen the Evil dead right?"
Laura: "Shush!"
— Max and Laura moments after breaking the lock
Laura: "Are you hurt?!"
Max: "Do you exist?"
— Max questioning what Laura saw
Max: "You know if Columbus hadn't got lost and landed on these golden shores, there would no United States of America? Goodbye hot dogs, see you later apple pie!"
— Max comparing himself getting lost with Columbus
Max: "Just picture yourself in front of a big old firepit, singing campfire singalongs!"
— Max making Laura giggle after the crash
Max: "You are forgetting something. Just the itsy-bitsy tiny detail that I may or may not be a fucking werewolf, Laura! ... So what? What can we do, really? We run off into the sunset, only to be stopped when I turn into a nasty-ass monster and kill you. And eat you. And then I run off alone into the sunset with little bits of you stuck in my teeth."
— Max talking to Laura about escaping



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