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It's probably nothing.
— Nick

Nicholas Furcillo, also known as Nick, is one of the nine main protagonists and a playable character in The Quarry. He is one of the nine counselors at Hackett's Quarry summer camp. He was voiced and motion captured by Evan Evagora.


Main Outfit[]

Nick is a handsome young man with a visible foreign appearance, having an olive complexion, brown eyes and curly brown hair with bang to the right side.

Throughout the game, Nick wears a white and red long sleeve T-shirt with the word "MANNINGTON" and an emblem, possibly representing the university. He also wears jeans that fall over white sneakers. Unlike the other counselors, Nick does not wear any accessories.

80s Outfit[]

In his 80s outfit, Nick wears a white polo shirt, a pair of beige pants tied with a dark brown belt and brown leather shoes with white socks. The main piece of clothing is a dark blue leather letterman jacket with red-black sleeves and collar and a red letter O on the left side. Starting with the bonfire party, Nick stops wearing the jacket.

50s Outfit[]

In his 50s outfit, Nick wears a white sweater, beige pants tied a dark belt that fall over leather shiny boots.

Appearance Evolution[]

Following a werewolf attack in the woods, Nick receives a serious bite on his left leg and loses a significant amount of blood. At the lodge, Nick is cleaned of the blood while the wound is secretly healed upon arrival at the poll house. In Chapter 6, after Abigail accidentally pushes Nick in the pool, he gets completely soaked by the end of the chapter until he turns into a werewolf. If Nick survives to dawn, upon returning to human form, he will be wearing scraps of his clothing and covered in blood.


Like many teen heartthrobs, soft-spoken Nick strikes that perfect balance between handsome athleticism and nerdy vulnerability. His fatal flaw is an unwillingness to drop his stoic guard and let people in.
— The Quarry website

Nick is described in-game as Polite. Awkward. Impressionable.

The official website describes Nick as the perfect amount of shy nerdiness and handsome athleticism. He has a hard time letting his guard down around others and letting people in. He also has a tendency to fall in line with the others around him, most notably Jacob.

One of these people might be Abigail, who he has shown interest towards and might let his stoic guard down when with her then potentially become more than just strangers at camp.

The Quarry[]

Possible Death[]

Possible Deaths
Chapter Cause of Death Caused By Conditions
8 Shot with a silver bullet Laura Ryan does not stop Laura from shooting the unidentified werewolf in the cage.


Chapter Type Caused By Conditions Transformation Cure
3 Leg Bite Caleb (Werewolf) Unavoidable Chapter 6: Transforms in the pool house Kaitlyn shoots Caleb with silver OR Laura shoots Silas.

Killed Victims[]

Killed Victims (Werewolf)
Chapter Victim Mechanism of kill Condition(s)
6 Abigail Head ripped off Abigail does not shoot Nick.
8 Jacob Throat Mauled Jacob is not infected; Laura did not shoot werewolf Nick; Ryan opens Jacob's gate and Nick's gate.
9 Jacob is not infected; Ryan left Jacob in the cages OR fails to figure out the puzzle; Laura will then later turn off the power, opening all the cages at the same time.



Nick and Abigail both have crushes each other at the beginning of the game, but are too shy to make any move. However, Nick soon is given the perfect opportunity to try to show his feelings to Abigail as they gather kindling. However, during Truth or Dare, Nick is made to kiss Emma because of her dare which makes Abigail head back to the woods angrily. When Nick goes after her they talk in the woods and end up having the chance to kiss.

Their relationship is tested by the night, with Abigail possibly leaving him for dead which he can furiously remind her of later. As his infection progresses, he begins to become extremely possessive of her. When Abigail tries to comfort him in the pool house he tells her that the only reason he got with her is because she was so pitiful to him, though these feelings likely stem from the infection aren't wholly genuine. Despite this Abigail still worries for Nick's safety after he transforms.


Nick and Jacob have a complex but evolving relationship throughout the game. Nick and Jacob are best friends, sharing a camaraderie that extends beyond their roles as camp counselors at camp. Their bond is built on trust, shared experiences, and mutual support and can be tested during the game. At the start of the game to the bonfire scene Nick and Jacob have a light and teasing friendship, usually roasting or teasing one another in a playing manner. During the Truth or Dare game during the bonfire scene, though, we can see their friendship fall apart when Emma, Jacob's crush and former girlfriend, receives a dare from Kaitlyn, a fellow counselor, to kiss either Jacob or Nick. Emma chooses Nick and makes out with him passionately, angering Jacob and upsetting Abigail, Nick's crush. Both Jacob and Abigail storm off into the woods and Nick and Emma go after them soon after.

We don't see Jacob and Nick together again until Chapter 3 at the bonfire, where infected Nick is laying on the ground and Jacob may or may not show up soon after based on your decisions. In this scene Jacob sees Nick injured on the ground and asks the group if he's okay, showing his concern for Nick. The next scene Jacob and Nick have together isn't until Chapter 8, in the cages. During this scene both Jacob and werewolf Nick are locked in cages, and based on your actions you might either save or kill both of them.


  • Nick is the second least playable protagonist.
  • Nick has an Australian accent.
    • Director Will Byles did not know that Evan Evagora was Australian until they met. Byles then asked Evagora if he wanted to use his Australian accent as Nick, but Evagora was hesitant. Byles then suggested that Evagora keeping his accent would be a "cool little detail" that camp counselors come from all over the world to work at Hackett's Quarry.[1]
  • Nick is the only protagonist who cannot be killed by a werewolf.
  • Nick and Max are the only protagonists who only have one possible death.
  • Nick is the only protagonist who cannot die in one of his playable sections.
  • Nick's last speaking line is in Chapter 6, the earliest of all protagonists.
  • Nick is revealed to have a mother, a father and an older brother which is revealed in an unused dialogue with Abigail in Chapter 2
  • Nick is the only character in the game from another country.



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